Our Engagement Rings, Diamond Ring Settings & Mountings Catalog

We have hundreds of diamond rings designs for all occasions, be it an engagement ring, birthday or anniversary ring. The most popular diamond engagement rings and anniversary rings are presented here. If you can’t find a diamond ring design you’re looking for send us a picture – chances are we have it. We can build truly unique engagement rings from your own design. Our diamond rings are individually handcrafted using diamonds and precious metals to satisfy your unique desires. Our diamond rings and antique style engagement rings are available in all sizes in 14k/18k white or yellow gold or platinum

Engagement Ring Settings and Diamond Ring Settings

When you are shopping for a diamond ring with more than one stone, the setting becomes the major factor in determining the overall shape. Presented below are the most popular styles of diamond mountings

Fishtail, Belcher and Tiffany style. Prongs can be pointed, rounded, flat or V-shaped. Ring with more prongs can add more security to the diamond and makes diamond look bigger. But too many prongs for smaller diamond can overpower the diamond and make it look heavy.

Use of V-shaped prongs is recommended for pear-shape, heart-shape and marquise shape diamond and use of flat prongs is recommended for emerald shaped diamond
Bezel Settings In bezel setting rim holds the diamond securely. It can be set with any shape of diamond. It makes the diamond looks larger and protects girdle of the ring from chipping and nicking.

Be aware though, if yellow gold is used in a bezel setting, the white diamond may look less white because it may reflect yellow color of the ring girdle into diamond. engagement rings history Bezel setting requires very low maintenance, makes diamond look larger and provides smooth finish to the ring
Bar Settings Bar Settings provide classic yet contemporary look.

“A” Diamonds Rings

Mine Diamond Ring R58757
Price: 1800$
Maryann Platinum Diamond Ring
Price: 1500$
Twisted Vine Diamond Ring
Price: 2200$