To know how to distinguish a true diamond from a false one, we must appreciate that diamonds have a shine and light that are unique, there is no other gemstone that possesses these qualities of brightness and brilliance.

The diamond is the hardest stone that exists and this, is a clue to differentiate a true one from a false one, it can be seen in the expense of its facets (the diamond faces) or its edges (corners).

Diamond, due to its hardness, scratches any other material. The most sophisticated imitations are usually too bright and shiny, so they are sometimes difficult to distinguish.

Breath test to distinguish diamonds

procedure of diamond testing

A technique suitable for everyone and that can be done anywhere, is the breath test, this test consists of taking a diamond, that we know for sure that it is a true diamond and another that is not or may not be . To do this test we put the 2 stones together, and we breathe them, if one of the stones remains tarnished for a couple of seconds, it is probably a fake, the real diamond disperses the heat of the breath instantly and does not tarnish easily.

We can also do a test with a normal, water-based marker pen (one of those used by children for school) if we try to draw on a real diamond with these markers, we will see that the marker does not paint on them, however it does is able to paint on one that is false.

Another issue to keep in mind is that if we compare a false diamond with a real one, we will see that the true diamond is colder, if we moisten a finger and put it on the true and false stone, the real one will stay stuck for more weather.

These are all home tests that can be done to recognize a diamond; If we want to delve a little deeper into the study, the first thing we have to use is a magnifying glass.

If the diamond is mounted, for example on an engagement ring, we need to look at the setting and the setting.

Diamond mount watch

A diamond that is true, will not be mounted on a metal that is not of quality, we can see this by the stamps that identify the metal.

With the magnifying glass we can observe the diamond, normally natural diamonds have small natural imperfections, these are called “inclusions”, these are usually small¬† spots or subtle changes in color, the artificial ones do not usually have defects of this type.imperfections in a diamond

Still there are real diamonds that can be practically perfect, so this method is not entirely reliable.

With a simple glass of water we can check the density of the stone, diamonds are denser than false stones, it is likely that if we put a true and a false diamond in a glass of water, the real one will go to the bottom of the glass while the false float or stay halfway up.

The professionals one of the tests they do is the heat test, real diamonds are heated with greater difficulty due to their structure.

The appraisers usually use microscopes with a power of 1200 magnifications for the tests, and they look for in them, apart from the incursions, the type of light that reflects, the precision scales are good allies of the jewelers for the appraisal of these stones.

X-ray test

Finally, it is perhaps the most complex test to do, and that is to expose it to X-rays, true diamonds do not appear on radiographs, however, glass, crystals and zirconites do appear.

However, it is best to take it to a stone appraiser, who will provide, after assessing the stones, a gemological certificate that will revalue our stone.

The prices of these appraisals will vary according to who performs them, the size of the stone and whether it is the loose stone or it is set.

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